Daniel Carnero

La Cosmopolita Malagueña – Málaga

Daniel Carnero started cooking at some of the world’s most important restaurants at the early age of 16. The dishes he creates are vivid examples of the expertise he honed at some of the best kitchens in Switzerland and Spain, working with great chefs like Martín Berasategui or Ferrán Adriá. Now, with his own restaurant, La Cosmopolita, Daniel has now become a reference on Málaga’s gastronomy scene, making a name for himself as a chef whose dishes feature the very best local, fresh and seasonal produce.

José Álvarez

La Costa – El Ejido (Almería)

A self-taught cook who decided to take a more modern turn from the purely traditional cuisine of the family restaurant, José Álvarez learned the profession from the many cooks who have collaborated with him over the years. He took note of all the best aspects and now applies what he learned to his own style of gastronomy. His restaurant, La Costa, located in El Ejido (province of Almería) continues to carry the Michelin star earned in 2006, the oldest one in Andalusia. His maxim is to use only the best locally-sourced products, whether from the sea or the local greenhouses.